The Boulevard School
Extracurricular Programs

KARATE  ages 2 1/2 through 6
kidsKids love karate! Each week the Sensei will teach the children karate while also developing body strength and flexibility. At the same time the children learn discipline, concentration, respect, and develop a positive attitude.

BEGINNING DANCE CLASS  ages 2 through 6

The children will have tons of fun learning new dance techniques through an introduction to ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. An emphasis is placed on the development of movement and coordination skills as well as spatial awareness. At least two dance routines will be taught each session, culminating in a mini-performance for parents on the last day of each session.

STRETCH & GROW FITNESS FUN  ages 2 through 6
Think of this class as physical education with imagination. Every week is a new adventure! The children will enjoy moving to music, learning movement, gross motor and coordination skills (jumping, galloping, skipping, throwing, kicking, and catching balls), using props (tunnels, balance beams, cones, etc.) and playing games. The 4 and 5 year old class will also include a health education curriculum that teaches nutrition, hygiene, and safety.

JUDAICA CLASS  ages 3 through 6
The children will learn about the various holidays and customs, learn about the Bible stories, and sing Hebrew songs and prayers. They will cook special holiday foods and make holiday crafts. They will celebrate Shabbat every week. Not offered during Summer.

GYMNASTICS  ages 2 thorugh 6
The children will have fun as they develop their loco-motor skills, manipulative movements, and strength with instruction that includes cartwheels, jumping off a springboard, strength using bars, balance with balance beams, and body awareness. The children will further develop their coordination skills, confidence, flexibility, discipline, and creativity through a wide variety of gymnastics movements.

CREATIVE COOKING  ages 3 1/2 through 6

The kitchen is the tastiest place to learn!Every week we will whip up, stir, mix, and measure all kinds of yummy vegetarian dishes in this awesomely fun cooking class! Together we will learn about being clean and safe in the kitchen. We will taste new ingredients, expand our palates, and learn about making healthy choices with our food. Each week our junior chefs will take home the recipe as well as a newsletter describing our activity so that you can do it or a similar one at home together. From "soup to nuts" our vegetarian recipes may include breakfast foods, yogurrt parfait, chia seed pudding, egg-straordinary omelettes, veggie fried rice, and more!

YOUNG ENGINEERS  ages 4 through 6

The children will build their creative skills and follow basic plans as they use math and engineering concepts with building toys such as legos, lincoln logs, and other materials. They will learen to drive a remote control motorized toy car and learn through different modules (motors, gears, mechanical, chemical, circuits, etc.) what engineering concepts were applied. This class will help them develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills while having a great time!


Our swim program is available to all children enrolled in camp from ages 10 months and up. We are happy to offer swimming lessons in our on-site, shallow heated pool. We have experienced and fully qualified swim instructors who have WSI (Water Safety Instruction) and CPR certificates. Lessons are available 2, 3, 4, or 5 times a week.

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